Personal Injury Attorney

If you are injured in an accident which was not your fault do not talk to anyone other than the police and medical professionals until you talk to an attorney. If already have, it is ok but it is very important to get legal counsel as fast as possible. Most insurance companies do not play fair when it comes to compensating you for your injury and some insurance companies are worse than just unfair.

There’s a lot that can be done immediately after your injury but you need someone with experience working on those things while you are rehabilitating.

There may be sources of compensation that you don’t know about.  The insurance company for the defendant may not be the only source available. There may be sources other than just insurance companies.  But knowing how to find and how to force all of the possible sources to pay is very complicated.

Personal Injury cases are like puzzles.  You have to be able to apply the legal principles, liability and insurance law to the facts of each specific case.  To get a favorable result, your attorney must be well versed in the medical science on each injury and the civil procedures necessary to get the case before a jury.

Whether you hire me or some other experienced Personal Injury attorney do it immediately after being injured.  I have seen more than one case seriously limited by a delay in the injured party securing representation.

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