Let's get started

You will be working with me, the owner for most cases. My years of experience in the law field is yours. Call 757-330-0097.
  • 1. Sit Down - Consultation

    Let’s discuss your case in detail. The first thing we do is sit down and discuss the events the led up to the incident. We are your advocate and ask the right questions. You are never the target, you are our client so we go out of our way to gain traction in a favoring manner.

  • 2. Battle Plan - Consultation

    This is not a card game, decisions made in a court room affect lives. We set up a plan that is realistic but also very assertive, you have rights and we have knowledge.

  • 3. Set Expectations - Consultation

    Realistic expectations are realized, milestones are established. Cases are won, maximum results are obtained.



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